kGeo undertakes research and development projects for government entities, commercial entities, and non-profit groups.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Custom design and development of geospatial information systems for agriculture, water resource management, environmental monitoring, business development and planning, infrastructure planning, public health, and many other applications
  • Processing and analysis of imagery from satellites, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles as well as oblique imagery
  • Design and prototyping of environmental sensors and integration of sensors into information systems
  • Design and development of location-enabled mobile applications
  • Development and testing of analytic and predictive models with a spatial component
  • Development of educational tools and materials related to geospatial topics.


  • System architecture and design
  • Data development (field data, remote sensing)
  • Education and training in spatially related topics
  • Impartial review and evaluation of proposals and terms of reference (TOR) for feasibility and technical merit